Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer 2013 Shenanigans

The summer  brought this cute little girl (and her parents) to live with us on Sturbridge Road.   We were so happy to have this funny spirit to challenge us, entertain us, and love us.

I got to go to Young Women Camp this year where I worked for the second year as an assistant camp cook.  They had a construction theme, and throughout the camp, they "built" a temple by hammering on boards representing good deeds.   At the end, they walked across a "value bridge" into the temple.  With the way the sunshine poured out on the temple, I found it even more powerfully symbolic.

Happy Independence Day!   This has to be one of my favorite holidays.   We celebrated with the grand tradition of the Dale City Parade.   We rarely go to DC fireworks, but we were brave, and took the metro to Pentagon City, catching a bus to the Air Force Memorial to see the AF band in concert, and a great view of the fireworks afterward.

Lillian loved going to the pool several times this summer.

It's always a good time when you're spending it with Grandpa!

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