Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spring into Summer 2013

Ryan's a college graduate!   This is Ryan, Dara, and Lillian in front of their house in Charlottesville.   We had some fun times visiting while they lived there.

 Ryan with his Dad

The graduation exercise was like a circus with a seemingly never ending parade of helium filled mylar balloons in every shape imaginable.   I guess that was the best way to pick out your graduate.   Ryan was just another dignified graduate with NO balloon.   (I think he was next to the pink flamingo though.)

His department ceremony was held in a little garden on the grounds.    We're so proud of all his accomplishments!

We took a special trip to Las Vegas before school was over to see Beth in action at her job as an orchestra teacher.   We were there for her school's spring concert.  

Nice office, Beth!
 Her orchestra played beautifully.   The program included a couple of numbers that she had arranged for the group.

After spending some time with Beth, we drove up to Utah to visit a little with the Barnett family.  We had some fun at the splash pad, eating out, and watching some boys get their summer haircuts.

Back in Virginia, and another end of year event - Baird Piano Studio Spring recital.   I'm always thrilled to see the" proof of progress program"!  

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