Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sundays come early now. Church starts at 9:00, but that leaves more time in the afternoon for things like naps, cookie baking, reading, or visiting family.

These are the yummy cookies Natalie baked today.

Extra people at home. YAAAAY! Gone are the days of Natalie being the only child at home. Ryan and Dara are living in the room formerly known as Dad's office. It's a tiny space for them, but they've made it their own. We love having them here. Everyone's schedule is a little different, but once in a while we get all six of us around the table for dinner.

Piano music is in the air. Besides rehearsing with Forest Park choirs, my piano studio is filling up with new and returning students.

Team Vikings are in football season, and Natalie is there to cheer them on.

Go big Green!

Extra work for Dad. With the G20 in Pittsburgh, and multiple foreign customers, Dad's had to take on two new assistants to help with the work load. He spent two days there last week, and this week is the event. Pray that all goes well. Want to know what the G20 is? Try this link:

Major changes in the family room. It's about time! We've been wanting to brighten up the family room since we moved in, and this was the time to do it. We had the paneling taken off, wall board put up, 6 recessed lights put in the ceiling, and a fireplace redo. No final pictures yet, but here's the fireplace so far:

We're planning to add glass doors and a mantle. The carpet should be installed in about a week.

Bush whacking! It's also time for changes to the front landscaping (or lack thereof). Ryan single handedly dug out and pulled out two bushes yesterday. Hopefully by the end of the month we'll have the other bushes out, new ones put in, and grass planted.

Not too pretty yet, but it's progress.

Especially proud to be an American. Unfortunately I missed attending an outdoor military band concert this summer - a long standing Condie family tradition, but I had some tickets to the Army's Spirit of America program put on by the Old Guard and the Army Band. I invited my Mom and Dad to go with me. It was an amazing performance that made me proud to be an American, and thankful for all those that serve to keep our country free.

The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp

Really enjoying September!