Sunday, May 6, 2012

30 Day Challenge!

I was inspired by this yesterday.
I discussed it with Dara while we were visiting to celebrate her birthday, and we decided to start a 30 day challenge together.   We're starting rather small, but hopefully it will lead us into a habit that we've all been encouraged to start:


We consulted a few lists, and have plans to complete other 30 day challenges.   Some we may do on our own, or we may try doing more together.   It's good to have a challenge buddy so you can encourage each other and be accountable to reporting to them.   Kara and I did a no sweets challenge last year, and had some success with that.   Here are a few ideas for 30 day challenges that I found/thought of:

take a picture a day
learn a new word a day
read 50 pages a day
draw something every day
clean or organize a space a day - drawer, shelf, closet, cupboard
memorize a measure of music a day
exercise every day
memorize a scripture a day
read the Book of Mormon (Dara did this in March)
act of service every day
try a new recipe every day

What are some of your ideas?    I'd be happy to try some with you!