Friday, July 3, 2015

Beth Becomes a Gubler

During the summer, Beth announced her engagement to Aaron Gubler.   We were able to meet him last December, and were very pleased that things had progressed in their relationship.

They chose October 19th as their wedding date, so arrangements were made for all of us to be their in Las Vegas and St. George, where the temple ceremony would be held.   Aaron's family was kind enough to let us all stay at their home.   We had some time to be together, and to plan and prepare for the wedding day events.

Dara, Aaron, Beth, Kart, Laura, Natalie, and Karalyn

Laura, Natalie, Karalyn
Aaron and Beth

Laura organized and helped to host a shower for Beth at one of her friend's houses.   It was a busy time of preparation, but turned out beautifully, with lovely decorations, some pretty yummy food, and a good time for everybody to honor the beautiful bride-to-be.

The day before the wedding we drove to St. George, and spent the night at a hotel in order to be ready early for the sealing in the temple.   


The first order of the day for Beth was getting her hair done.  It was a special time for me to be with her one last time before everything began.

The sealing inside the temple was beautiful, and then we had some time to rejoice with Beth and Aaron, and pose for pictures with them.

Lillian and Me

Owen and Aiden

Grandma with some precious grandkids - Emma, Owen, Lillian

After the pictures by the temple, we all headed back to Las Vegas to get ready for the reception.   Being in charge of the food for the reception was a little tricky, not really knowing exactly how many to plan for in a party is always hard, but we had ordered a LOT of pies and bought a LOT of pretzels at Costco.   It turned out great, and we didn't run out of anything.   There was a lot left over, but better left over than not enough.    The pies from Marie Callendar's were delicious, and we served giant pretzels with all kinds of dipping sauces.   The wedding cake was very untraditional, but I loved it!   Beth had done a beautiful job of preparing the decorations herself for the backdrop and all the tables.