Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

It's a record snowfall for December! We got about 2 feet of snow starting Friday night and ending sometime Saturday evening. With just 6 days left before Christmas, we can probably bet it will still be white by then. Just having any snow in December is magical to me. Here's what we did on our snowday:

We shoveled a path for Cody:

We took in stranded motorists. In this case it was Natalie's friend Casey from Buena Vista, Virginia:

We built a fire:

We judged how many inches we got by the piles of snow on the deck chairs and flower boxes:

We took pictures of the trees out of the living room window:

We also found time to:

Write and edit a Christmas letter for friends and family. (Watch your mailbox!)
Help Grandma with her Christmas letter.
Make Muddy Buddies. Thanks to Kara!
Watch movies.
Shovel snow. Thanks to Casey!
Make and eat beef stew. Thanks to Dad!
Check facebook.
Check email.
Shovel more snow.

We love snow days!!