Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Blessing for Lillian

On Sunday morning, February 5, Skip, Kara, and I, after picking up Grandma and Grandpa Condie along the way, drove down to Charlottesville, to attend sacrament meeting with Ryan and Dara, to witness and participate in the priesthood blessing given to little Lillian.   In preparation, I made the dress Dara had picked out for her to wear. 

We were so happy to see her after about a month.  She has filled out a lot and has some sweet round cheeks, and a smile that fills up her whole face.   We passed her around during the meeting.  Kara was holding her in this picture.  It looks like she's playing peek-a-boo! 

After church, we went to Ryan and Dara's apartment (UVA married student housing), took some pictures, and had a delicious meal to celebrate sweet baby Lillian and her special day.

Lillian and Grandma Baird

Kara, Grandma Condie, and Grandma Baird with Lillian

With Grandma and Grandpa Baird

Grandma Shreffler with the sweet Lillian

Dara, her daughter, and her Mom

The whole gang!   Ian, Denise, and Kara in the front.  
Back row:   Grandma and Grandpa Condie, Carla, Lillian, Dara, Aaron, Ryan, Emily, (Jennifer behind me!), and Skip
Grandpa and grandson have the same hat!