Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Young Women Camp

Last week I went to Young Women camp, having been asked to go as a kitchen helper. I went with not too many expectations of what it would be like. I just wanted to help Sandy Johnson, the leader in charge, the best way I could to prepare 3 meals a day for 120 girls and leaders. I somewhat expected some time to relax and read, nap, or visit with other friends there. The reality was that we were constantly busy. It was extremely hot the first day, but thankfully the days got progressively cooler, and more endurable. I worked harder than I have ever worked before, but had a lot of fun with Sandy and the other worker, Kelly Hunsaker. For most of the meals we had help from a ward group of girls and leaders to lighten the load about an hour away from serving, and then to help us clean up afterward.

The meals turned out great for the most part, and there was quite a lot of food left over. My favorite was Chicken Alfredo night - definitely a recipe I'll try at home. There were tons of fresh fruits and veggies, including several bushels of South Carolina peaches, of which I ate at least two or three a day!

We learned a lot about cooking and serving a large group. Sandy was a fantastic leader, and we all went from saying on the first hot day that we would never, ever, ever say yes to this again to admitting that we learned a lot and wouldn't mind too much trying this again together. At any rate, we left a lot of notes and advice for whoever takes it on in the future.

Here's my ward, Lake Ridge 2 enjoying their lasagna dinner in the dining hall. For this one we served family style, with the food put out on the tables instead of them going through a serving line: