Sunday, April 24, 2011

Many Wonderful Things

 This past month has been full.   We've enjoyed some wonderful times with family.

 We celebrated with Colleen at Sakura on her birthday.

 Skip went to Colorado, where he, his brother and sisters were sealed to their parents in the temple.

 Emily went with the Forest Park choirs to New York City for a music festival.   They competed with other choirs across the country and did extremely well. 

 Kara has been singing with the NOVA/DC Institute choir.   She was able to be in the choir that sang for a Young Single Adult fireside with Elder Bednar.   This picture is of her singing in a beautiful and inspiring Easter Program at the Chevy Chase chapel.  

 Beth came to visit during Spring Break.   We went to Occoquan one afternoon, and had Pomme Frites and Mussells at the Cock and Bowl, a Belgian bistro there.

 I couldn't resist taking this picture with my i-phone of everyone on their i-phones

  While Beth was here, we went to Charlottesville one afternoon to see Ryan and Dara.   Skip made a delicious brisket on a little Weber grill we bought for them.  

 We enjoyed playing and singing together.

This one VERY musical family!

 We are thankful to have enjoyed so many wonderful times with so many beautiful smiles this month.