Saturday, September 4, 2010

Old Rag

Last fall Dara, Ryan, Kara, and I tried to hike Old Rag . Unfortunately, it turned out to be a somewhat rainy day, and we were advised not to attempt it. So finally we got around to rescheduling our planned hike (minus Kara unfortunately, since she's in Utah). It turned out to be a spectacularly beautiful day. We didn't have fall colors, but we sure had some vibrant green, blue sky, and 0 humidity. Ryan had done the hike before, but he wasn't too good about remembering exactly where and how far the top was. (How many times can we be "almost there"?) I knew about the "rock scramble" near the top - a lot of climbing around, over, under, between, and on top of huge boulders, but I was kind of surprised at how much rock climbing there actually was. It wasn't terribly difficult except for a couple of places that I was glad for someone (Ryan) to give me a hand up or a push from behind. The views were spectacular, and well worth it. Dara and Ryan were fun to hike with, and I'm looking forward to any future adventures they want to include me on.

The Rocky Summit

Dara and I


One of many scenic views